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Xi’s journey in real estate started in 2015, when she primarily worked as a professional interpreter and consultant to help facilitate communication in real estate for clients who share different language and cultural backgrounds. Since, Xi built and operated her own translation and language consultancy company, dedicated her time as a court interpreter while managing a high-end retail store in Victoria. She found herself constantly assisting clients by navigating them to real estate related services. 

Xi’s experience providing services in retail, her education background in psychology, linguistics, legal and business, combined with skills working as an accredited court & immigration interpreter allow her to approach real estate from a unique angle, as well as understand the fundamental role real estate plays, all of which made the decision to become a licensed realtor a natural progression. 

Xi was born in northern China and moved to Vancouver Island in 2009. Xi fell in love with the beautiful island right away and decided to make it her permanent home. Xi recognizes the potential the island offers, both for investment and for building your forever home. Xi is a hands-on agent who deeply values professionalism and loyalty. Her legal background makes her detail-oriented, and not prone to take any step lightly. Xi is currently servicing on the Government Relations Committee of the Victoria Real Estate Board, Technology Committee of the Canadian Real Estate Board, and is a board director at the Gorge-Tillicum Community Association. As well she dedicates her time to assist multiple non-profit organizations that promote mental health and wellbeing supports for immigrants of Canada. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with you, to guide you through the real estate process. It is her goal to make this process as smooth as possible, so that you can enjoy your real estate journey with confidence!

姚茜的地产之旅于 2015 年启程。当时她主要以专业翻译与顾问身份,帮助来自不同语言和文化背景的客户进行与地产相关的沟通。此后,姚茜创立了自己的翻译和语言咨询公司并运营至今。在创业过程中,因她接触到的许多客户均有地产方面的需求,所以姚茜便通过为客户解读地产相关材料和引介相关专业人士的方式,帮助其实现安家投资目标,并最终成为一名持牌地产经纪。

姚茜担任 BC 省法庭翻译官,并曾同时管理维多利亚一家高端零售店的运营。法律背景使她注重细节,不会轻视地产中所涉及的任何步骤。姚茜在销售业累积的经验,结合她在心理学、语言学、法律与商业领域的教育背景,以及作为认证法庭和移民翻译官的技能,使她能够从独特的角度看待地产。

 姚茜于 2009 年从中国移居到温哥华岛。她很快便被这个美丽的地方深深吸引,并最终决定在这里安置自己永久的家。姚茜了解温哥华岛在投资和建造永久家园方面所具有的极大潜力。她亲力亲为,非常看重专业和忠诚。姚茜期待有机会与您合作,引导您了解并完成地产交易的全部流程。她希望通过使整个流程尽可能顺利,而让您可以放心地享受您的地产之旅!


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